Discworld reading order

How to read the Discworld books? I have read them all several times, some more than others. Hogfather is a X-mas favorite. When I got into Pratchett, it was due to the Watch series. After having read that, I just read them all in order. Then I read them according to characters. And so on and so on. My reviews are chronological. I strongly recommend that you get the illustrated versions that are out there. I have The Last Hero and it is amazing.

This first list is originally by Krzysztof K. Kietzman. As you can see from the chart, it has been updated by several people.

Latest Krzysztof Kietzman reading order

Here is another suggestion. This one is more complicated than Krzysztof’s, but one needs a little complication in making reading choices. I don’t know who created it, but the link takes you to where I found it.

Discworld reading order

When it comes to the non-chronological way of reading the Discworld, there are great commentaries on the series out there (cannot speak for the ones I do not understand):

This chronological list is from Wikipedia and lets you know how each book fits into the Discworld system.

# Title Pub Groups Notes
1 The Colour of Magic 1983 Rincewind Came 93rd in the Big Read.
2 The Light Fantastic 1986 Rincewind Continues from The Colour of Magic
3 Equal Rites 1987 The Witches, The Wizards
4 Mort 1987 Death Came 65th in the Big Read
5 Sourcery 1988 Rincewind, The Wizards
6 Wyrd Sisters 1988 The Witches Came 135th in the Big Read
7 Pyramids 1989 Discworld Cultures (Djelibeybi) British Science Fiction Award winner, 1989
8 Guards! Guards! 1989 The City Watch Came 69th in the Big Read
9 Eric 1990 Rincewind Published in a larger format and fully illustrated by Josh Kirby
10 Moving Pictures 1990 Miscellaneous (Holy Wood), The Wizards
11 Reaper Man 1991 Death, The Wizards Came 126th in the Big Read
12 Witches Abroad 1991 The Witches Came 197th in the Big Read
13 Small Gods 1992 Discworld Cultures (Omnia), The History Monks Came 102nd in the Big Read
14 Lords and Ladies 1992 The Witches, The Wizards
15 Men at Arms 1993 The City Watch Came 148th in the Big Read
16 Soul Music 1994 Death, Susan Sto Helit, The Wizards Came 151st in the Big Read
17 Interesting Times 1994 Rincewind, The Wizards
18 Maskerade 1995 The Witches
19 Feet of Clay 1996 The City Watch
20 Hogfather 1996 Death, Susan Sto Helit, The Wizards Came 137th in the Big Read; British Fantasy Award nominee, 1997
21 Jingo 1997 The City Watch
22 The Last Continent 1998 Rincewind, The Wizards
23 Carpe Jugulum 1998 The Witches
24 The Fifth Elephant 1999 The City Watch Came 153rd in the Big Read; Locus Fantasy Award nominee, 2000
25 The Truth 2000 Ankh-Morpork, The City Watch, The Ankh-Morpork Times Came 193rd in the Big Read
26 Thief of Time 2001 Death, Susan Sto Helit, The History Monks Came 152nd in the Big Read; Locus Award nominee, 2002
27 The Last Hero 2001 Rincewind, The Wizards, The City Watch Published in a larger format and fully illustrated by Paul Kidby
28 The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents 2001 Miscellaneous (Überwald) A YA (young adult or children’s) Discworld book; winner of the 2001 Carnegie Medal
29 Night Watch 2002 The City Watch, The History Monks Received the Prometheus Award in 2003; came 73rd in the Big Read; Locus Award nominee, 2003
30 The Wee Free Men 2003 Tiffany Aching The second YA Discworld book; also published in larger format and fully illustrated by Stephen Player
31 Monstrous Regiment 2003 Discworld Cultures (Borogravia), The City Watch, The Ankh-Morpork Times The title is a reference to The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women; 2004 nominee for Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel.
32 A Hat Full of Sky 2004 Tiffany Aching, The Witches The third YA Discworld book
33 Going Postal 2004 Moist von Lipwig, Ankh-Morpork Locus and Nebula Awards nominee, 2005
34 Thud! 2005 The City Watch Locus Award nominee, 2006
35 Wintersmith 2006 Tiffany Aching, The Witches The fourth YA book.
36 Making Money 2007 Moist von Lipwig, Ankh-Morpork Locus Award winner, Nebula nominee, 2008
37 Unseen Academicals 2009 The Wizards, Rincewind, Miscellaneous (Nutt) Locus Award Nominee, 2010
38 I Shall Wear Midnight 2010 Tiffany Aching, The Witches Fifth YA book, Andre Norton winner, 2010
39 Snuff 2011 The City Watch (Sam Vimes) Third fastest selling book in first week of publication
40 Raising Steam 2013 Moist von Lipwig, Ankh-Morpork, The City Watch
41 The Shepherd’s Crown[19] TBA Tiffany Aching

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  1. Just wondering if there is a more up-to-date version than this? Or is April 2014 the last version now?


  2. We are working on the final 3.0 version at the moment. Follow the Discworld Reading Order Guide on Facebook for up to date info on the final version.

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